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There are several stories currently being worked on but it’s the “Lahinched” Teen-Thriller novel that should be a fledgling in early 2024. Besides the novels, I have been writing short stories and turning them into scripts, and vice versa. Please click on to the Blog Link to check out the most current stories and articles.

A Teen Thriller Novel

In the land of Celtic legends, a troubled Boston teen must face his criminal past and confront a small village’s darker element to prove his innocence and bring down an apex-predator social media influencer.

"The Wild Atlantic Way"
Irish Road Trip Novel

Forced together against their wills, a cynical juvie probation officer and his loser brother must endure a tumultuous
weeklong Irish bicycle tour in order to claim their inheritance by honouring their father’s dying wish.

A Teen Travel Novel

It’s a story that harkens back to 1976 when a group of Irish teens seize the opportunity of a lifetime with the annual J-1 Visa program, venturing to Boston for a summer filled with promises of adventure. But find themselves entangled in the tumultuous school busing crisis. It’s a tale of courage, camaraderie, and unexpected twists in this unique coming-of-age drama.

A mixture of interesting blogs, short stories, political cartoons, and works in progress

Non-fiction writing

Hollywood 2D Digital Animation - on Amazon

David Hernandez
“If you’re in a school catering towards animators, specifically 2D Flash animation (not so much web animation), this is the Bible for the moment. Reccommended by two of my professors whom work freelance for Bottle Rocket, Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios Burbank, you couldn’t get a better start. The book covers a brief history of animation, as well as coloring, drawing in Flash, storyboarding in Flash, different production work flows and so much more. Backed up by industry veterans Hollywood 2D Digital Animation gives insight into making your flash animations better in a timely manner. Demonstrating shortcuts and techniques to make your animations less “flashy” and better animated. Keep in mind this book is NOT for the novice animator. You absolutely need to understand some of the principles of classic 2D animations and flash itself before you can make effective use of the book’s techniques, (ie: timing, spacing, contrapasta, Flash tools, etc). But if you can overcome these obstacles, turn off the music/tv, sit down with this book and practice the lessons included, you’ll earn everything you can gain from it.”
Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2007
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