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This page is dedicated to projects where I was the lead designer/Art Director. There are a number of projects in the past where I fulfilled this role but, for brevity’s sake, I chose three to represent my skills. Depending on a project’s requirements, examples may include: concept, lay out, character and prop design, and finished/rendered art.

Project: the Burren GEO Park

Project Brief:

We were contacted by the Burren GEO Park UNESCO to create a small series of informational animated shorts. Instead of the dry textbook style illustrations, the client wanted a more contemporary look. Cloth textures were combined for colour and patterns, making up the rendered final.

Burren GEO Park - Concept Art
Burren GEO Park - Concept Sketches
Burren GEO Park - Lay Out
Burren GEO Park - Lay Out
Burren GEO Park - Final Designs
Burren GEO Park - Final Design 01
Burren GEO Park - Final Design 02
Burren GEO Park - Final Design 03
Burren GEO Park - Final Design 04

Project: The Mooneys - New Year's Day

Project Brief:

This began as a primetime TV series development project which  has progressed into a Sci-Fi holiday-themed feature film. The characters and pitch pack had to be revised for the longer form story. I am now testing whether the project will work in a 3D design.

The Mooneys - Concept Art
Character Concept Sketches
The Mooneys - Lay Out
Mooneys Teaser BG Layout
The Mooneys - Final Designs
The Mooney's Title Sheet - Art Director
The Mooney's Title Sheet - Art Director
Kevin Mooney 3D Head Study

Project: The Wee Littles

Project Brief:

This was a very ambitious project in many ways but particularly in design. What began in concept as a stop motion series transitioned into a digital version of stop-motion we called “Sim-Stop”. To realise the realistic look the project demanded, 3D assets were introduced. Before anything was sculpted by hand or digitally, it had to be Pre-Visualised first as 2D sketches and layout.

The Wee Littles - Concept Art
Character Concept Sketches
Storyboard Design Pack
The Wee Littles - Lay Out
Location Lay Out
2D Character Design
The Wee Littles - Final Designs
Episode Still 01 - Art Director
Episode Still 02 - Art Director
Episode Still 03 - Art Director
Episode Still 04 - Art Director
Episode Still 05 - Art Director
Episode Still 06 - Art Director
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