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Parrott.Cliff CaricatureBIO: Clifford Parrott has worked in the creative sector since 1999. His role as Creative Director in the animation industry involve conceiving, developing, producing, and writing on award-winning projects. His career has taken him from beautiful Vancouver-BC, down south to the studios of Los Angeles-CA, and then over to sun-soaked Ireland to share in its Golden Age of Animation.
He’s collaborated with comic geniuses such as Adam Sandler, Damon Wayans, and Dana Carvey and has been fortunate enough to work with Disney, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Bento Box, Revolution Studios, NBC-Universal, Comedy Central, and Brown Bag Films.

In 2009 Clifford and his wife Christina O’Shea co-founded Magpie 6 Media, which has been growing and developing a library of its original content ever since. Because Clifford not only creates animated content but also writes fiction, this online portfolio is bifurcated into an Animation Industry Portfolio and a Literary Portfolio.

The Animation Portfolio is further broken down into Creative Pipeline Disciplines such as “Writer-Director” “Animation” and “Storyboards”. If you’d like to see more work or would like to discuss your project, please send a request via my Contact page – thanks!

Animation Industry Portfolio

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