Animation Direction: Over the years, creating character and 2D Effects animation, I have developed a keen eye for what works, what needs fixing, and how to communicate it effectively to an animator. I am fluent in the language of animation terminology “animaphonics”, that special means of communication between animators. “Put it on Ones” or “It needs an overshoot and settle” and my favourite, “Push the poses!” This type of communication is key when directing animation footage on a multi-level staggered episodic production.

Animation Supervision: I have extensive experience supervising animation teams, reviewing shot schedules, grading and assigning them to appropriate team members. And have set up submission/approval systems coordinating with the production dept.

Review Apps: I have used various video review apps (F-Track, Shotgun, Kitsu, And have set up animation review systems for other studios and taught Animation Director Trainees my review process.

Animation Guides: I have lots of experience creating and maintaining Animation Guides. Whether for in-house or overseas animation crews, these are invaluable tools that set the “ground rules” aiding in the quality and consistency of submitted footage.

Animation Tests: I have set up, conducted, taken, and reviewed many animation and design team tests.


Please click on the video link below to view a few animation and 2D Effects samples. I can work in Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, TV Paint, and can still hand draw it, though my page flipping hand is rusty.

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Working in 3D software has been a steep learning curve but Blender has made it addictive - can't learn enough! I modelled, 3D Printed and painted my first Stop Motion Prop Door and I've modelled, texture painted, and rendered my first Character Head. Please click on the gallery below to see some of the early examples. Will keep updating this section often.


The recent production of The Wee Littles series was a grand opportunity to expand my experience in stop motion animation and asset building. I am currently working on stop-motion commercials. Previous projects and works-in-progress can be viewed by clicking on the image gallery below.

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